Visual Computing

  • Advanced Image & Video Analytics using state of the art methods in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Algorithms for scene understanding and visual recognition to identify people, objects, activities & locations in images and videos
  • Smart Video Editing based on scene’s visual composition

Key Areas : Computer Vision, Image Processing, Video Analytics & Editing

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Music Technology

  • Background music and soundtracks to match the audio-visual content in the scene, e.g. actions, gestures, facial expressions, location or dialogs..
  • Machine learning based algorithms for song writing and music composition
  • Search music catalog for samples similar in pattern, rhythm & style
  • Separate vocal and instrumental sounds from musical soundtracks

Key Areas : Computational Music, Digital Music Production, Pattern Analysis

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Audio Analysis

  • Detect ambiance sounds in audio, like clapping, singing, screaming, whistles, honking, door knock, gun shots etc..
  • Filter unwanted sounds, like traffic noise from audio
  • Audio Transcription: create subtitles by converting speech into text
  • Voice-Over: generate voice-over narrations using text to speech

Key Areas : Audio Signal Processing, Sound Engineering & Mixing

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Dialog Processing

  • Advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to process the verbal and vocal content in dialogs
  • Sentiment analysis to detect the tone of conversation (e.g. heated argument vs sympathetic dialog)
  • Automated content rating by detecting abusive & offensive language
  • Translation & Dubbing: translate content into different languages

Key Areas : Natural Language Understanding, Speech & Dialog Processing

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  • Easily manage and store large volumes of media files, including stock images, video footages, audio & music samples
  • Searchable index with intuitive tags
  • Search engine to support advance queries, by identifying locations, objects, people, activities in videos, or patterns, sounds & styles in the audio

Key Areas: Multimedia Analysis, Audio-Video Tagging, Metadata Extraction

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  • Advanced image analytics to analyze scene’s visual composition
  • Apply color grading and filters based on the scene composition
  • Deep learning based models for artistic style transfer
  • Digital restoration and colorization of old black & white films

Key Areas : Computational Photography, Visual Effects (VFx), Motion Graphics

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  • Advertising: display product ads for clothing and fashion accessories similar to what the actors or models are wearing on screen
  • Virtual Make-Up Room: suggest and apply make-up products and cosmetics, like lipstick, eye shadows, hair color & hair styles, based on the facial features and skin tone

Key Areas : Fashion Technology, Advertising, Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Sports & Action

  • Activity Recognition: recognize sports activities, like swimming, skating, boxing, cycling, surfing, yoga, from sports and fitness videos
  • Advertising: display product ads based on the activities detected in the video, e.g. boxing gloves, wet suit, skateboard, mountain bike etc.
  • Training: capture body postures and movements from sports and martial arts videos
  • Music: generate background music and soundtracks to match the speed and action in sports & action videos

Key Areas : Sports Video Analytics, Activity Recognition, Pose Detection

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  • Humor Analysis in Television Sitcoms
  • Visual Comedy: detect visual cues like gestures, actions, facial expressions which are indicative of humor
  • Analyze verbal and vocal expressions in comedy shows
  • Insert laugh tracks after funny scenes or dialogs

Key Areas : Humor Analysis, Situational Comedy (Sitcoms)

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Display ads relevant to the visual content on screen –

  • Fashion: display ads for fashion accessories and apparel similar to what the actors or models are wearing on screen
  • Games & Toys: display ads for toys, story books and action figures by detecting the famous tv characters (like Ironman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pokemon, Snow White) in video games and animation films
  • Sports & Fitness: display ads for sports and fitness accessories (e.g. boxing gloves, wet suit, skateboard, mountain bike, tennis shoes etc) based on the sports activities detected in the video
  • Holiday Packages: display ads for holiday packages and travel deals by identifying the locations in background scenery (e.g. Switzerland, Australia, Niagara Falls, Paris etc).
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  • Identify popular destinations, locations & landmarks in travel documentaries.. Types of Geo-Tags include:
    • Generic terms like beach, desert, snowy mountains, rainforest, glaciers, theme parks..
    • Names of specific cities or countries: Canada, Antartica, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai etc.
    • Tourist attractions and landmarks: e.g. Grand Canyon, Disney Land, Banff National Park, Mount Everest, Burj Khalifa etc.
  • Display ads for holiday packages and travel deals based on the landmarks and locations identified in the video
  • Detect adventures and sports activities like hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sailing, rafting, wave surfing etc from travel videos
  • Identify different species of birds, animals, fish & insects from wild-life documentaries

Keywords : Geo-Tagging, Activity Recognition, Wild-Life Documentary

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Games & Animation

  • Character Recognition: Detect popular TV characters, cartoons and superheroes, like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Pokemon, Star Wars, Dora, Snow White etc, from video games and animation films..
  • Advertising: display ads for toys, action figures, comic books, story books, based on the characters recognized in the video..
  • Rigging: Detect hand gestures, body movements and actions from real-life videos, and apply it on animated characters..
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