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Travel & Wild-Life

  • Identify popular destinations, locations & landmarks in travel documentaries.. Types of Geo-Tags include:
    • Generic terms like beach, desert, snowy mountains, rainforest, glaciers, lake, theme park etc..
    • Names of specific cities or countries: Canada, Antartica, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, Las Vegas etc..
    • Tourist attractions and landmarks: e.g. Grand Canyon, Disney Land, Banff National Park, Mount Everest, Burj Khalifa etc.
  • Display ads for holiday packages and travel deals based on the landmarks and locations identified in the video
  • Detect adventures and sports activities like hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sailing, rafting, wave surfing etc from travel videos
  • Identify different species of birds & animals from wild-life documentaries

Keywords : Geo-Tagging, Activity Recognition, Wild-Life Documentary