Sports & Action

  • Activity Recognition: recognize Sports Activities, like Swimming, Skating, Boxing, Cycling, Surfing, Yoga from Sports and Fitness Videos
  • Advertising: display Product Ads based on the Sports Activities detected, e.g. Boxing Gloves, Wet Suit, Skateboard, Mountain Bike etc during Games & Matches
  • Video Highlights: Automatically generate Highlights for Sports Matches by detecting Loud Cheering, Clapping and Applause in the Audience
  • Player Recognition: Identify Players in Sports Videos during Close-up Shots
  • Team Detection: Identify Team Logos, Banners or Flags
  • Motion Tracking: Trace Ball Trajectories & Player Positions
  • Outcome Prediction: Predict the Likelihood of Scoring Points based on the Player and Ball Positions
  • Pose Detection: capture Body Postures in Sports, Fitness and Martial Arts videos

Key Areas: Sports Video Analytics, Activity Recognition, Highlight Generation, Pose Detection, Motion Tracking